Soul Shriven again?

So what´s going on now?? Been there, done that or what??

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I left him on Ash Mountain..

My sons DK went after Molag Bal this friday 2 september and got him of course:) Molag was scaled down to his level, 46 so it was no problem for a macho DK man ;)
But the struggle wasnt over. He had to get to champion level at least. And he did the day after:
He changed clothes to his champ outfit, and I felt sad and a bit lost when I left him on Ash Mountain….I only promised I would take him to champion level, not higher. My guild wants me back in the covenant and this guy is dominion.

But im sure he is doing fine. He is a truly competent man and we have had tons of fun together these last levels. I will miss u Fire Mage :´)

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More Dots

DK harvest heart_20160901_224725
I have played less last days due to an inflammation in my elbow. So my sons DK has just dinged lvl 45 and I have unlocked some more abilities and has even more dots to monitor now @_@

But more damage now:):) I have changed structured Entropy for Inferno to morph it later to Flames of oblivion. I also use dark talons instead of Spiked armor, but i still flex now and then. This build has a very high survivability and i wonder if I can go for Molag before lvl 47? I havent gotten the main quest yet so maybee its not possible?

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The Fire Mage is on Fire

My son created this macho beer drinking dragonknight in ESO long time ago (he played a nightblade in Beta) and I have more or less used his last setup as I started playing it at lvl 36. In the beginning I was a bit unsure of myself and all (for me) new abilities. I was used to play a healer templar so I might have been too defensive in my playstyle. I needed someone to kick my ass!

When I reached the Molag Grunda quest in Cold Harbor I was a bit stressed due to RL so I hurried around the zone. That made me play extremely offensive and suddenly the build started to work for me and I got the flow. The char was lvl 43, ordinary gear and the mobs were 48 and 3-4 at a time but he chewed them down like a lawn mower.
Or was it me? I played him like i played my Hexblade in ArcheAge, not a defensive healer/support. It was like taking a cold shower and I felt refreshed afterwards and a bit high. Its remarkable how easy it is to get stuck in a role, both in game and in real life. We need to constantly question our roles and break free from unnecessary bonds we place on ourselves.

I admit, later on I got into some troubles with those lvl 49 harvesters though… >.<

This was excessively profound, I know. :S

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Just Do It

My son has always loved Skyrim and he started playing ESO in BETA. But he got tired of it as he is only into pvp and the amount of champion points some players had in low lvl pvp made it quite hard and especially all ganking from nightblades. He tried IC but gave up and quit. He is playing CS on a competitive level now instead.

So his poor dominion DK (magicka) was left at lvl 36 and I thought why not get it to lvl 50 at least! He has to get his soul back…. So I crafted some training gear and started to level this guy and his monkey the other day. It was quite hard in the beginning to start a DK at lvl 36 as iv never played this build before. But I got used to it and he soon hits lvl 41 now and im adamant to get him to Molag Bal.

I hope my son will return one day and play again. Until then I may try to make a tank of him. If i dare… but I may not >.>


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The Dragonknight

My first character in #ESO back in april 2014 was a Dragonknight. But I stopped playing after only about 3 weeks and havent played that role since. The other day I created one again and here he is. Not especially serious when it comes to battle it seems. Look at him, checking out the ladies:
As a lot of my male friends have female chars so i thought its a good thing to balance all the chicks with a gorgeousesauze man ;)

Then I remembered that my son (who started to play in BETA) has an account and his main is a lvl 37 DK (lazy him ;). Son has taken a long break from gaming so I can maybee ask him if I can use his char and level it up to 50 at least. That way he might be interested to play again one day. A win win, i can try DK and he gets his char up for free. Then my newly created newbie male can continue chasing women instead of hunting mobs :D The biggest problem is that his char is yellow ….. :S

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Elder Scrolls Online News

The next Update/patch 12 for ESO in october sounds totally awesomesauze. Almost too good to be true :D I got a headsup from a guildie in Swedish Legion on FB today (thankies Klogg!:) Its no DLC so its free for everyone. Some features:
– Dueling (outside Cyrodil)
– Weapon ultimates
-All dungeons will have both normal and veteran mode so they will add 17(!) new monster sets!
-One Tamriel is added which means you can play wherever you want with anybody regardless faction and level! Both gets XP.
– All zones will be redesigned, similar to Wrothgar (orsinium)
– Craglorn completely redesigned. Despite its more like Wrothgar it will also be possible to run the main story solo. Side content might still require a group of 2-4 persons at least.
– New item sets: Each zone in Tamriel will have 3 specific sets connected to that zone. They will drop from world bosses or questing in your current level.
– All veteran dungeons will be guaranteed to drop a monster helmet at the last boss.
– Champion point cap will increase from 531 to 561.
– There will be loot boxes in Crown Store. It sounds like they will only contain rare mounts and such. If so, im totally ok with that :)

Credits: @Klogg in Swedish Legion

E3 2016 ESO from Gamespot



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Poor Molag

Once again he is suffering ….
Yesterday 18 of august I got my second character in Elder Scrolls Online to lvl 50 and Molag Bal is heavily wounded again (though not dead im afraid…). It was my “old” Aldmeri sorceress which i started playing in may 2015 but never finished as i changed alliance due to my guild and a friend who played in Daggerfall Covenant.
It feels really good to have her at champion point level now! (atm almost 300 cp, cap is 531….). It was kind of a shock to get her past lvl 50 and suddenly she was max lvl and from wearing lvl 44 stuff she could suddenly use 160 cp stuff o.O
I can play her together with other alliances (my DC guild for example) in dungeons and in the future “one Tamriel” will make it possible to quest together between factions/alliances. That will be a great addition.
When you play a max lvl char u get enlightened now and then which speed up your champion point xp. So u dont lose xp advancement on your main if you play your alt as they share champion points. When u dont play at all, the enlightment on your main saves/stacks up to 12 days so its great for casuals too.
At last Molag and Meridia had a chat and he had to hand over my Sorceress soul! Yay! Though my main is and will continue to be my magicka templar but eventually I will prolly continue leveling my stamina nightblade too who is lvl 30ish atm. She will be perfect for Dark Brotherhood and thieves guild im afraid, according to her behaviour >.>

All pics from the main solo quest when the char gets his or her soul back from Molag Bal.


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The Ruins of Mazzatun

Yesterdays veteran gold pledge was The Ruins of Mazzatun which is one of the more difficult dungeons in game. Its a new one from the last patch Shadow of the Hist.
ruins of mazzatum pledge_the mighty chudan 20160813_211106
First the Mighty Chudan. It was the first time for me so it was a bit confusing in the beginning. So we struggled a bit, changed group members until we got the next boss Xal Nur the Slaver down too.
boss mazzatum_20160814_013747Xal nur the slaver
Three of us was under 300 CP so it was not easy. Its a bit difficult to manage resourses as some mechanics drains you totally. And the bosses hits HARD! So we were a bit unfortunate to get this as the daily gold pledge. We had to give up on the last boss after trying for a long while.
last boss_tree minder na-kesh 20160814_024346
Maybee cos we were too tired but also we were a bit low level for this dungeon. I wont give ut though. We will take the last boss, Tree Minder Na-Kesh down next time ;)

Ps I did this on my laptop…. ^^

Video by Elloa and her guild doing the dungeon:


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White Gold Tower

I had the opportunity to run the White Gold Tower veteran dungeon in Imperial City with a group the other day. Three of us was in teamspeak but we had 1 pug and he couldnt/wouldnt join us in TS.
white gold tower 11 aug
This dungeon is really hard and I struggled with mechanics on the second boss where screen goes grey on  and portals has to be shut down. But i think i got the hang of it. The dungeon is very unforgiving so u cant do any mistake if you wanna follow through and its easier if you can communicate with the other members via voice. But not necessary if you have a lot of experience of course.

So we took down the first boss quite fast (yay) but we had to give up on the next one. A lot due to the fact we couldnt communicate with all group members via TS I think. Im sure we will manage to do it next time though! :D (knock on wood)

Its so much fun running in a group again doing dungeons, im grateful to be able to participate:)
2white gold tower 11 aug

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