Nothing Compares 2 u – Tamriel


-I promise I only visit my friends in ArcheAge, dont be upset:)

I still have some friends in AA who is dedicated to that realm. I want them in ESO but I suspect they will be the last ones left in AA when they close the servers. I accept they have found their home in the metaverse and its ArcheAge :):) So I downloaded the game one more time to be able to visit them now and then:) AA is totally confusing to me as usual. When I visit AA I miss ESO even if its just for a short while. Elder Scrolls Online has really got under my skin >.>

And it has a lot to do with my guild Swedish Legion. We have so much fun doing pvp, dungeons and trials together or just hangin in TS while questing or crafting. To find a nice guild and friends to play with is what makes the difference in an mmo, for me anyho. And enough ppl so its possible to do content together of course.

But if i didnt have anyone to play with I would still play ESO and not ArcheAge or any other mmo. Because ESO is great to play alone too and not many mmo have that kind of quality. Brilliant questing, 1 man dungeons, group finder, pvp, crafting and tons of achievements for solo players.And the graphic quality…

The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™


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6 Responses to Nothing Compares 2 u – Tamriel

  1. Very lucky to have such a friendly guild:)
    Its one of the things ive never really found in an MMO so have never really fully experienced any of them apart from AoC.
    As you said though ESO is still great fun to play solo, so much to do & see!

  2. wait they are shutting down AA servers???

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