Raiding Friday with Swedish Legion

This friday we started as we often do, down in the sewers of Imperial City (pvp and pve). Jonken and Waitsen entertained us dancing on the pillars to boost the raid. We ran around killin Molag and different bosses for a while (and some yellows too ^^). We lost some stones on the way home as we were split up. I ran into a flag boss and got insta killed and someone got ganked but we got most of the loot back to base anyho and my focus is first to have fun, second the stones:):)

It was friday and most of us was at least a tiny bit sloshed ;) Despite that one of the officers, Jolla, suggested we should do a proper trial instead as we were a full group. So why not? We started in Hel Ra Citadel…
I was sure we were going to wipe as Iv had a glass of wine and was supposed to keep ppl alive :S But it went smooth, even if someone had brought a swine who tried to be focused in my fancy and heroic pics (almost not visible in the pic above though) >.>
So after finishing Hell Ra successfully we decided to go for Aetherian Archives:
We did that without many casualties too! Both was first time for me as healer but the group was solid so no problems (and we had 2 healers).
After this i decided to hug my pillow while some of the others continued the adventure:):) I had so much fun this friday I didnt want to sleep :(

The Aetherian archive is a gorgeous place and it was a nice way to celebrate friday evening in that place with the best guild ever <3

Link: Swedish Legion

Link: Hel Ra Citadel

Link: Aetherian Archives


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