More Dots

DK harvest heart_20160901_224725
I have played less last days due to an inflammation in my elbow. So my sons DK has just dinged lvl 45 and I have unlocked some more abilities and has even more dots to monitor now @_@

But more damage now:):) I have changed structured Entropy for Inferno to morph it later to Flames of oblivion. I also use dark talons instead of Spiked armor, but i still flex now and then. This build has a very high survivability and i wonder if I can go for Molag before lvl 47? I havent gotten the main quest yet so maybee its not possible?

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3 Responses to More Dots

  1. eldaeriel says:

    I’m sure I’ve done Molag before level 50… I think you’ll be fine :D

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