Elder Scrolls Online News

The next Update/patch 12 for ESO in october sounds totally awesomesauze. Almost too good to be true :D I got a headsup from a guildie in Swedish Legion on FB today (thankies Klogg!:) Its no DLC so its free for everyone. Some features:
– Dueling (outside Cyrodil)
– Weapon ultimates
-All dungeons will have both normal and veteran mode so they will add 17(!) new monster sets!
-One Tamriel is added which means you can play wherever you want with anybody regardless faction and level! Both gets XP.
– All zones will be redesigned, similar to Wrothgar (orsinium)
– Craglorn completely redesigned. Despite its more like Wrothgar it will also be possible to run the main story solo. Side content might still require a group of 2-4 persons at least.
– New item sets: Each zone in Tamriel will have 3 specific sets connected to that zone. They will drop from world bosses or questing in your current level.
– All veteran dungeons will be guaranteed to drop a monster helmet at the last boss.
– Champion point cap will increase from 531 to 561.
– There will be loot boxes in Crown Store. It sounds like they will only contain rare mounts and such. If so, im totally ok with that :)

Credits: @Klogg in Swedish Legion

E3 2016 ESO from Gamespot




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2 Responses to Elder Scrolls Online News

  1. sbunny914 says:

    I just got Elder Scrolls to start working on my computer again and I am very excited to jump back in – or rather I did try but couldn’t figure out how to play any more – lol

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