Poor Molag

Once again he is suffering ….
Yesterday 18 of august I got my second character in Elder Scrolls Online to lvl 50 and Molag Bal is heavily wounded again (though not dead im afraid…). It was my “old” Aldmeri sorceress which i started playing in may 2015 but never finished as i changed alliance due to my guild and a friend who played in Daggerfall Covenant.
It feels really good to have her at champion point level now! (atm almost 300 cp, cap is 531….). It was kind of a shock to get her past lvl 50 and suddenly she was max lvl and from wearing lvl 44 stuff she could suddenly use 160 cp stuff o.O
I can play her together with other alliances (my DC guild for example) in dungeons and in the future “one Tamriel” will make it possible to quest together between factions/alliances. That will be a great addition.
When you play a max lvl char u get enlightened now and then which speed up your champion point xp. So u dont lose xp advancement on your main if you play your alt as they share champion points. When u dont play at all, the enlightment on your main saves/stacks up to 12 days so its great for casuals too.
At last Molag and Meridia had a chat and he had to hand over my Sorceress soul! Yay! Though my main is and will continue to be my magicka templar but eventually I will prolly continue leveling my stamina nightblade too who is lvl 30ish atm. She will be perfect for Dark Brotherhood and thieves guild im afraid, according to her behaviour >.>

All pics from the main solo quest when the char gets his or her soul back from Molag Bal.


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