The Ruins of Mazzatun

Yesterdays veteran gold pledge was The Ruins of Mazzatun which is one of the more difficult dungeons in game. Its a new one from the last patch Shadow of the Hist.
ruins of mazzatum pledge_the mighty chudan 20160813_211106
First the Mighty Chudan. It was the first time for me so it was a bit confusing in the beginning. So we struggled a bit, changed group members until we got the next boss Xal Nur the Slaver down too.
boss mazzatum_20160814_013747Xal nur the slaver
Three of us was under 300 CP so it was not easy. Its a bit difficult to manage resourses as some mechanics drains you totally. And the bosses hits HARD! So we were a bit unfortunate to get this as the daily gold pledge. We had to give up on the last boss after trying for a long while.
last boss_tree minder na-kesh 20160814_024346
Maybee cos we were too tired but also we were a bit low level for this dungeon. I wont give ut though. We will take the last boss, Tree Minder Na-Kesh down next time ;)

Ps I did this on my laptop…. ^^

Video by Elloa and her guild doing the dungeon:



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