White Gold Tower

I had the opportunity to run the White Gold Tower veteran dungeon in Imperial City with a group the other day. Three of us was in teamspeak but we had 1 pug and he couldnt/wouldnt join us in TS.
white gold tower 11 aug
This dungeon is really hard and I struggled with mechanics on the second boss where screen goes grey on  and portals has to be shut down. But i think i got the hang of it. The dungeon is very unforgiving so u cant do any mistake if you wanna follow through and its easier if you can communicate with the other members via voice. But not necessary if you have a lot of experience of course.

So we took down the first boss quite fast (yay) but we had to give up on the next one. A lot due to the fact we couldnt communicate with all group members via TS I think. Im sure we will manage to do it next time though! :D (knock on wood)

Its so much fun running in a group again doing dungeons, im grateful to be able to participate:)
2white gold tower 11 aug


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