Dragonstar Arena Normal Mode

Yesterday I was lucky to run the Dragonstar Arena group with my guild – The Swedish Legion. We did normal mode twice and I went to bed 3 am @_@ And I didnt want to sleep either. I had so much fun I felt like a little kid – I dont wanna sleep mummy !! *cries*. :):)
I havent done much group content in a while with a group so I need practise. As i played BDO for  some months then vacation… But my group was extremely awesome so it was a breeze to be a healer. Actually they could prolly have done it without me >.>
I got a ton of nice armor and stuff and eventually became Dragonstar Arena Champion thanks to you friends! And I got some much needed CP point too <3
I hope to be able to try veteran mode soon but that will be a blood bath im afraid :S

Dragonstar Arena guide:


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