I Have No Power

20160626_power supply
Because yesterday the Power Supply in my Computer decided to burn up. This is so frustrating as I really enjoy ESO again :( So u wont see me much online as im going to Crete on thursday for a week. ATM I can only my old desktop on very low graphic and that is boring. I like my world pretty :) But if i get back in one piece and I can get the computer fixed somehow, I`ll be back:) Wish me luck and have a lovely summer!

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6 Responses to I Have No Power

  1. Rowan says:

    Have a good time on Crete! I hope your computer issues are easily resolved.

  2. wolfyseyes says:

    Urgh, nothing worse than a dead compie. :< May you be gaming soon. In the meantime, enjoy Crete! :D

  3. hordemaster says:

    boo that is no fun!!!

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