What I Came For

I entered Black Desert Online mainly with the goal of breeding grand horses. And the other day I reached my goal, to get the highest tier horse in game, a T7: Applewatch. Named after a location in Cyrodiil, Elder Scrolls Online :)
When I have leveled this horse to max he will be double quick so gankers will have a hard time catching my Valkyria ;)
But I wont stop breeding horses, far from it. Applewatch needs a girl:):) There will eventually be a tier 8 horse….

RNG makes it quite hard to get these high tier horses so one needs a lot of patience and tons of luck too. It is similar to horse breeding irl. Combine 2 grand national winners and you cant be sure to get a top foal… But as the game doesnt have any teleports or fast travel the fastest horses are worth their weight in gold.

If you dont want to spend time breeding your own mount you can always buy one if you have the money. As Black Desert is the kind of game where you can do tons of different stuff to earn money, im sure most ppl buy their horses. Atm im taking a small break from breeding and enjoy myself killing mobs instead :D


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4 Responses to What I Came For

  1. Coppertopper says:

    Ive seen t7 horses zipping around – congrats! Those things are fun to watch. Just starting my horse breeding journey and have a long way to go before I get a t7. It really is amazing how much non-combat activities there are to take up your time in BDO so that killing some mobs feels like a break lol

  2. Gkaruk says:

    Thats horse shot is awesome, great mane!

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