Chill in BDO, Work in ESO

It´s possible to play Black Desert simultaneously with another game as you can do a lot being afk. Fishing, training horses and crafting. You can buy or hire workers to do the hard work for you :D I have three workers atm and I have to treat them with beer to make them work. And I see them running around in world now and then and if they dont look busy enough i spank them a little ;)
Worker promotion
If they are good enough they get promoted and hopefully a bit more efficient after that :P A good worker can build ships and stuff for you :)
They get skills randomly, its RNG as usual. But when they are working I can take a coffee break in my house playing ESO, real life, train horses or whatever and still feel efficient. I love it! :D

Link to Dulfys guide:

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4 Responses to Chill in BDO, Work in ESO

  1. Mason Miller says:

    I am a newer player to ESO. I have a good bit of experience with mmos and, to my dismay (but also a good thing), eso is the only non pay to win mmo where the developers actually stuck to the initial plan and have all along.
    Anyways, I play pc and I am wondering if you would be willing to accept me into your guild as I am having extreme difficulty locating one.
    Thank you.

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