I got Him at Last

I got a message from one of my friends in Elder Scrolls Online today. He seemed to be a tad irritated with my “BDOing” lately:
2016-05-27 Jariel
uhuum, I guess I will…..  @_@
But today I got The black stallion I have been breeding for all this time in Black Desert, Glenumbra. Named after my home in Elder Scrolls Online. A home I havent visited much lately obviously >.>
Glenumbra is a pure breed black Tier 6 horse and totally awesum. I got him when I exchanged my red T5 stallion Azura and the blackish T5 Elsweyr. I love the black ones. In ESO I have a black electric daerdra horse and in ArcheAge I have the flying black pegasus.
But this one is born in my stable and I LOVE him! <3


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2 Responses to I got Him at Last

  1. Coppertopper says:

    That pure black horse looks amazing. I’ve got to figure out the horse bredding mechanics of this game lol! Have to capturing in the wild thing figured out – just need to Google it up.

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