The Swedish Legion, with Ketchup

I love my Guild, The Swedish Legion, tho they are so stubborn they only play ESO and im stuck in my endless horse breeding loop in BDO ;( Anyho I talk to them regularly and we meet up in Facebook too <3 So latest news are from Cyrodiil, the usual playground each friday, this time with The Runners too:
They mashed some bananas (yellow Alliance Aldmeri ;) Then they took care of some tomatoes (Red Alliance, Ebonheart Pact) too and, after some drinks I suspect, started to dance….
But miss Klogg was the Group leader and she didnt approve. It just doesnt look professional does it?
(Klogg and Waitsen/Semonen)
So she used a Trebuchet to threw Waitsen in the water and teach him a lesson.
Gosh i miss you all so much, you dorks! But i have “played horse game” in BDO for so long now Im starting to lose my confidence when it comes to healing. Can someone shoot those horses for me? :S

I will be back! :)


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