Elder Scrolls Horses in Black Desert

I started playing Black Desert partly because I heard about horse breeding and I was curious about it. It took a while to settle down in game but now im on my way i think. I started breeding last of april with 2 founders. Pic: catching my first founder mare
My starter horse T3 and a T2 chestnut mare i catched in Velia.
Stable_olvia_founders started breed 20160430Stable_WesternguardCamp 20160505
They got a daughter lvl 3 (i had miss the horse calculator :) and she later on got a T4 daughter (Ayrenn).
I soon started name my horses after ESO zones, chars and npcs cause of nostalghia. ESO is my goto game <3
Today I catched my first T3 horse I named him Cyrodiil because i was challenged by another char who wanted him badly. He tried everything to disturb me so I would lose my horse but I got him ;) It was dark, thunder and raining cats and dogs while i tried to tame him so I didnt get any good pics. You can see im soaking wet in this pic. Ill sure catch a cold from this, not only a horse :S But it was worth it, he has my favourite look, dark brown with braids <3
I have some more horses from breding T2 stallions to T1 mares:
Stable_heidel 20160505Stable_Velia 20160505
Maybee Morrowind and Cyrodiil will mate one day? It takes ages to level them.. I got some weird colours too, like Maormer and Skyrim who are some sort of mustard and green nuance… wonder if that will pass on to their offspring? That is truly horrid. I dunno really but if that is the case i might need to reconsider mating them as im colour conciuos :P
I save some of my founders because I lubs them. Just cant get rid of them. Im sentimental like that:):) And i will only have a small scale breeding, i dont have time for more. I think this has to be enough…

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4 Responses to Elder Scrolls Horses in Black Desert

  1. eldaeriel says:

    I’ve started levelling my tier 3s and 4s… oh the amount of xp needed is bad… So I’ve decided that once I’ve levelled these 6 horses (6!), I’m going to reset their breeding and hopefully have a stable of T5s and T6s to level casually (though I dread to think how long it will take to level them…) Hopefully I’ll end up with nice looking ones!

    • Xannziee says:

      Oh resetting…well thats an idea tho a bit costly:):) Im satisfied with my pack now so I will just enjoy them, continue lvl them but also focus more on other stuff in game now that i got them. But maybee I have to do something about the mustard and green ones. I dont wanna end up with a pack of Dijon horses 😱😨

      • eldaeriel says:

        Yeah, I think the time involved to level all my T3s and T4s just got to me… seemed very worth resetting them but I probably won’t do it again… I’m not going to breed my T6s yet, going to wait for the rest of the T7s (and maybe T8s) to be released before I do that – the current T7 chances seem a bit too low… well, we’ll see!

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