The Matter of Horse Taming in Black Desert

Today I catched my first wild horse in Black Desert. It was a pain in the a-s but finally I made it.

It was a brown male (typically a male!) but tier 2 and maybee thats why he was a bit more difficult(?) So I took him to the nearest stable and registered him.
Then I found a grey one but it was a male too so both are on the market now sorry to say :/
But its great fun and I feel this horse breeding will be a nice minigame to pursue. Here they are, newly catched:
The grey was a tier 1 but he had a nice skill: “Quick Stop is relatively helpful if you want to stop the horse immediately with no issue or skidding”. I got the information about skills from the “Extensive Horse Breding guide” by Fractalus (se end of page)

I already have a male (lvl 21 atm) so I need a female to start breeding. This male has ok stats i think, i just want to have the 2 rider stat so I can have company while exploring. Have to find that skill somewhere :):)
Before you try to catch a horse be prepared with a lot of rope and sugar. And watch some videos first ^^
Quick update: I sold the tier 2 horse asap:
But I think the tier 1 has a lot better stats for pvp for example… ppl dont seem to notice? :) And I also bought a mare:

I try to track my progress; Xan Stable
Horses comes in a lot of tiers and skills and breeding is the only way to get high tier horses with exactly the skills and colour you want (2 different sources):

Sojourn Stables:


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2 Responses to The Matter of Horse Taming in Black Desert

  1. this is probably the better horse list

    it’s kind fun to breed the horses too. Mostly just leaving level afk but having that tense wait to see what horse you end up with. Have quite a few now around 4-6 which is nice. The 2 rider ability is only for tier 6 and above too so get to breeding haha.

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