Housing in Black Desert, Combat in ESO

I´v come to realise why housing is so important for me in a virtual World. It has to do with my RL where my housing is a bit complicated. My virtual house in Velia is a Place of tranquility. I can just put on my headphones and get some “me time”. Yesterday I was planning on playing ESO but I got lost pottering around in BDO instead :S
Its too easy to forget about time when you tend to the crops, Cook and ofc I have to sell the fish Before it starts to smell >.> Suddenly its too late :S

Eso is more combat orientated and I feel these 2 games are quite good to go between. Ofc you can have as much combat as u like in BDO but there is so much more… and I get lost in that “so much more” all the time ;) Besides, i still Think the combat in ESO is more fun so I tend to do my combat in ESO and my pottering in BDO :P After several weeks im only lvl 25 in BDO and I dont run any alts either (except 1 lvl 5 for farming). Even though i level a Little also when I Craft in BDO I suspect im one of the slowest ever ^^table


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