My Bar has no Combat skills

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Black Desert Online has an Amazing graphic quality. U see the horse in the pic, it even gets wet when it rains:):) It would be Worth to buy the game just to explore and enjoy the wonderful World they built. But there is so much more and when people make (bad)Reviews after just a few hours of playtime they dont realise how much they miss. They havent even scratched the Surface by then. Another mistake they often do is comparing a sandbox like BDO with a themepark game. Not doable.

Iv only done a few combat quests yet because i have my hands full of crafting, fishing, furnishing, cooking and trading. I dont need anyone to hold my hand and tell me what to do and where to go. I love it this way. But ofc there is a questline you can follow if you want to and its pretty good too with tons of sidequests.

Though the storyline and quests in ESO are on a completely different level, but I wont compare a sandbox with a themepark. Its like comparing apples and oranges. Just stupid to try.

I love the combat in BDO. Tho I dont have any combat abilities on my bar anymore. I only have potions, rope, my fishing pole, sugar cubes (if i find a wild horse to tame!) and stuff. Because I dont have to use the bar for combat. I only use mouse clicking and wasd shift and likewise. Its perfect! Iv Heard a lot of ppl having issues with it but i dont. Maybee cos i havent played mmo for so long. Iv Always hated “playing piano” and was thrilled when i discovered ESO combat. This is taking it one more step! :D But of course u can use the bar if u want, Its optional. im just happy I dont have to:):)

Some people say the fun begins at level 50 and maybee its so. But im only lvl 23 or 24 now and I often long to go home and log in when im at work so im having enough fun  already I guess:)

Starshadow has an interesting blog about why the secondary systems in BDO are the reason she plays the game;



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  1. eldaeriel says:

    thanks for the linkback :)

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