When you least expect it…

Yesterday I bumped into an old guildie of mine from ArcheAge, Angerona, from Dark Reavers. I saw her swim past me when i was standing fishing afkish. We talked a bit and she told me she got engaged with another guildie, Dudeth. Big congrats both of you!! Good to hear love can sometimes survive in the harsh world of gaming…

Just before I  met Ange I was experimenting with removing my UI. And I got it right now. And I notised i had messed up her nostrils! Omg that char creation tool lol lol :):) This is a close up of my main char:
It looks crap having ui visible in pics but I was obviously too lazy to google it >.<
The graphic quality in game is so high so its hard to resist taking screenshots…(There is more detail in the skin texture in daylight). There might be a lot more pics from now on :P
I got some advices from Gkaruk who promised to explain this further soonish: “..and I will go into more on how this photographic mode in a later post as its in built into the game when no UI is present



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