Black Desert – A Virtual World

When I have been reading blogs and tweets about Black Desert it seems a lot of people thinks its a huge and extremely time consuming game. A game that only a few lucky people with a lot of free time on their hands are able to play to the fullest. I both agree and disagree. Its totally up to the player how much time he or she invest. If you have an urge to do everything possible in game and simultaneously then u will burn out for sure :D  But if you are not in a hurry to max level then you can do whatever you like in world. Its a sandbox.

Its more a mix of an MMO and a virtual world. In a virtual world you can do what you want – no pressure. You can stay in the first town you land in and evolve if you want. You dont have to level that much. Ok its handy to level to 20 as u can tame horses at that level but then its chill. And no hurry as you level while you are fishing and crafting too :)

As I dont have much time for gaming atm BDO is perfect for me. The difference to ESO is that I have to be more active in ESO all the time. I cant afk stuff like this and progression is everything. I love ESO but I dont have enough time to play it atm (but I will be back!!)

In BDO I can autorun while i load the washer machine, I can auto fish when i help my daughter with homework and then autorun and sell the fish in another town. All this time my workers are working as long as i treat them with a beer now and then ;) I chat with friends and we go mob grinding now and then (very funny in BDO actually!).

So I have stayed in Velia as I dont have much time to play atm. I have a nice house with fireplaces, the walls are decorated with girly pink wallpaper and I feel very much at home. Just a few furnitures yet but im looking forward to furnish it. (Some furnitures give you combat buffs u know:) I prefer Velia as its located by the sea (i LOVE the sea!) though the starter town Olvia is beautyful too, with its mediterranean look.

The game feels as it is full of Life and its easy to feel immersed. Players, workers and npcs are running around constantly all over the Place. Roads and Towns are never empty. That makes it a living virtual World for me.

I have played since march 20 and im only lvl 21 due to lack of time but the level doesnt matter. Im having fun!:)

Im sure I will level upp eventually. If not RNG kills me. Otherwise im sure ill stay doing nothing and focus my leveling in ESO instead. But for the time being BDO gives me exactly what i want. I can potter around, learn little bits and pieces here and there and It helps me relax after work. Its a lovely world! Im so looking forward to explore more of the world but its like waiting for christmas. The expectations the day before christmas, nothing beats that feeling <3

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4 Responses to Black Desert – A Virtual World

  1. tyrannodorkus says:

    The game makes good use of designed downtime, allowing us the time to do other things while the game runs in the background. I wish other games would add in some as well.
    Got to try a 7 day code and liked it overall. Do plan on getting the game in the future.

  2. Coppertopper says:

    It was hard to walk away from ESO for me as well – the pvp is too much fun. But yea so many little things about BDO that make it feel like you are part of the world (putting crops down where you want them, the housing, horse wrangling), not to me tion the almost perfect compromise in art style between realistic and stylized without being cartoony. Good stuff.

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