Good or bad Karma in Black Desert

I was planning to never ding lvl 45 as thats the time when u fall prey to all gankers in Black Desert. But maybee that aint so as Black Desert has some kind of Karma feature I didnt have a clue about:
2016-04-11 08.46.24karma
2016-04-11 08.04.12Karma2
But how about you lose stuff when u die? And they will kill your horse and stuff. As Iv spent a lot of time in ArcheAge im not that eager to have those gankers on my back so I Think i continue to slack for a while ;)

I dont mind as I have my hands full of fishing and other stuff anyho. And I still level, even tho im only fishing, just a bit slower :)




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2 Responses to Good or bad Karma in Black Desert

  1. hehe.. even before 45 you aren’t immune to player induced death either. Have a friend who purposefully picks people up with his boat on the jetties, as the hitbox goes weird and they can jump over, and then drops them out at sea haha. =p I would be careful at the fishing hot spots out at sea though. People will occasionally try to clear those areas out as it then becomes more profitable for them, so you sometimes come back to a dead character if afk fishing

    But yeh, entirely over-exaggerated and about killing horses, it’s an even bigger kharma hit then the player so rarely done unless at war with a guild. It only hurts your breeding chances with the animal too, rather than stats or anything like that. You can have your crystals break, but I’m guessing you only have a couple of the 10k ones on so that doesn’t really hurt either.

    In terms of grind spot pvp – people are generally pretty polite about it too and will actually warn you first to move on before taking action. they don’t want the kharma hit so try to avoid that first. If you do persist though, there guild probably will declare war, which opens you open for pvp to them without the kharma penalty.

    • Xannziee says:

      I dont have a guild so they will declare war with little old me then? :’)
      And about the other stuff yea im aware of the issues being afk in a sandbox after ArcheAge ^^
      Hugs! Love your blog! :)

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