I´m Online in the Black Desert

With rosy cheeks of shame I admit I have downloaded Black Desert Online this sunday. I didnt realise it was buy to play. I thought it was more like ArcheAge free to play with a sub.I was so sure of that so I closed my mind for it completely. As it is more a mix of ESO and ArcheAge makes it a lot more appealing. It is buy to play and you have the same account name for all your chars like in ESO. That is a great feature. I truly disliked the free to play business model ArcheAge had with all trolling alts everywhere including the flame wars in their forum.

I love ESO and I wont abandon it but I need a break and some variety as iv played it almost a year now. As I cant play much I felt i missed out too much regarding our guild activities anyhow. So what I need now is more of a single player experience as im too random to be able to group up. And I wanted housing, farming, fishing and the horse breeding(!). I missed the sandbox…. but i didnt miss ArcheAge. So ill try this for a while.

The combat in BDO is similar to ESO too so it suits me. Iv only played a few hours and only lvl 10 but I feel i “get it”. I love the character creation tool too! Its amazing what you can do with it :D
BDO day 1
My main “achievement” the first day was to fall of my horse twice and land on my back in the mud in front of a crowd of more experienced player of course… The horse is a pain in the ass sometimes so ill have to break it somehow :S

My goal in game is to buy a house, decorate it, breed horses, farm a bit, fish a little (or a lot?), buy pretty clothes but mostly just be a slacker, as always. You will prolly not be able to gank me in any PVP area for a long time, that i can assure you X)

Server: Jordine
Account name: Xannziee
feel free to add me :)

And Syl, this is your fault, you and your juicy BDO blogging!:

MMO Gypsy: http://mmogypsy.com/


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11 Responses to I´m Online in the Black Desert

  1. eldaeriel says:

    yeah I’ve been tempted (and by Gypsy Syl’s g+ feed too!) resist resist resist! i may cave… /helpmetoomanygames! :D

  2. Kiry says:

    You picked the best class! :D Welcome to the “oh what’s this combat leveling thing? I’m too busy leveling up farming, training, gathering, trading, etc etc levels”

  3. Trixologist says:

    Welcome to BDO! I jumped the AA ship too. Glad to have you. :)

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