I´m Seasonal

Seasonal Affective Disorder makes me a bit gloomy and a bit emo every year for some weeks in marsh. There is no biggie, I work and looks normal, i just lack of energy for a while. So I play less and has just landed in Hew´s Bane, the new zone in ESO but havent done any quests yet. And Im boring and playing mostly alone these days… Anyho the new zone in Thieves Guild Is a beautyful place and im looking forward to explore!
Hew´s Bane_20160313_160805
But atm im only working and trying to stay cool. I may look like the left pic at work but I feel like the right pic atm :P (Thank you Snapchat ;)




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2 Responses to I´m Seasonal

  1. My älskling is half swede and he often talked about the rougher half of the year. I only ever visit sweden in summer time so thats very different. I hope you feel better soon – and you look lovely anyway. :)

    • Xannziee says:

      Thank you! Ah he is? Nice, half Nord (ESO) he is then:):) Yes we have only darkness for several months and when the light comes back in marsh its messing with our hormones and some ppl are sensitive to that. This is a typical swedish/nord condition I think:)

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