Flying Away from ArcheAge

Black Pegasus ScreenShot0347
At last, I got my Stormwing Pegasus, the mount I had been waiting forever for….. But too late. ArcheAge is only a memory to me nowadays. I tried to go back and I had fun for a while, but only because of my dear friends, still in game.

It can only work for so long though…. the game is painfully Pay to Win and the costs and grind is epic. The cash shop is the worst case ever in MMO history I think… and the RNG….. everything drives the players to become cash cows to survive and be able to play. And im not talking about having a sub. I dont mind sub, not at all. Im talking about buying stuff for real cash is the only way to be able to play the game in the long run.

And you have to dig deep into your pockets because this stuff doesnt come cheap…. So im done. And this is why i will never ever enter Black Desert either. Its the same sh-t and I wont walk that road again. Im not tempted to stay even though I have my dream mount now. So I mounted my pegasus and flew away from ArcheAge and all pay to win sandbox games, right into ESO where im staying, thats my home <3


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8 Responses to Flying Away from ArcheAge

  1. Jaedia says:

    Pretty mount. <3
    Yeah ArcheAge was painful. Poor ArcheAge. :( I've actually gone so far as to completely uninstall the Glyph client, so little do I want to deal with Trion these days. And I have given them a HUGE benefit of the doubt..

    Still, right now I'm enjoying BDO, though the cash shop won't be in the game until tomorrow. I really really hope it doesn't ruin the game as it's such a deep vibrant game.. if it does? I got WoW and ESO on the go as well. :D

  2. melbrankin says:

    ArcheAge seems determine to implode on itself, the title seems doomed to bash from one bad design to one bad dev decision and back again.

    Was so much that i liked about the ideas in it, I loved the swap classes and find your core class – I wish that that had gone a lot deeper, having unique skills tied to the title etc but it ended up being shallow system that seemed to have set classes that were much better than others.

    I like BDO from the 7 day trial I played – the game has been taking in a lot of feedback with the devs promising to fix things up – to me it seems that both devs and the company that port it love their game – they want it to be popular and they want it to appeal – so they listen a lot more than AA devs ever seemed to do.

    Their cash shop is an issue – buy to play and free to play seem to be cursed with terrabad shops these days – outside of ARPG like Path of Exile the cash shop pay to win seems to be irresistible for companies. Although nothing is leaping out at me In BDO as pay to win, it remains to be seen if they can resist that lure.,

    Lovely mount too!

    ESO seems to be going in the right direction – I have enjoyed and look forward to many more blog posts on it :D

  3. Xannziee says:

    Yea agree Trion has a habit of alienate their customers…
    I love the ability to use 1 char and be able to swap to any role. Best feature ever! But, not enough…being forced to have all mounts and pets in inventory (AA) is a really BAD idea. And so on…nuff of that:)
    I will play ESO and blog it but atm I dont play much and I need to focus on BDO as it still confuses me:):) I believe both ESO and BDO has a bright future!

  4. Sam says:

    I was disappointed in AA performance compared to all the other games out there, was looking forward to creating an account

  5. Xannziee says:

    AA have had a lot of performance issues. Often new problems when they patch. I had to change all hardware after a patch… expensive game 😱 Hackshield also does a lot of damage.
    BDO is also a sandbox with a lot better graphic, better combat, crafting and story. With very few tech issyes so far. So I dont miss AA anymore, just feel a bit nostalghic about it.

  6. hordemaster says:

    Never say never I guess because you did enter BDO

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