Another Weekend in Exile

While I spent yet another lazy real life weekend in front of the fire place, a long way from Tamriel, my guildies were fighting for their lives :`)
Farragut keep_1932465009_o
This pic (opens in new tab) is taken by Waitsen, my dedicated reporter, who sacrified his life to get me these pics :´) But they had a great time in Cyrodiil this friday as usual. Loads of action, like this red “tomato” zerg (iv stopped eating tomatoes after playing ESO ;) And some fancy horse riding, u have to love Waitsens mount <3 , not to mention the daredevil high up on the pillar… (Pic by Waitsen)
So we will see if I manages to attend next weekend. Otherwise, I count on YOU to deliver, Waitsen, and also to keep the group alive. No pressure….  :P

Guild: Swedish Legion


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2 Responses to Another Weekend in Exile

  1. Syl says:

    I loooove the fireplace screenie! ^^

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