She is All That

This last week I have been playing my Templar more to level her veteran ranks. Lately I have been slacking a bit as Iv already done all quests in the dominion with my sorc and it was a bit boring to do them again so soon after. So I was grumpy in the beginning and it felt hard to start leveling her again.

For a while It felt like I was going to switch to my Nightblade as my main but the guild took me on a dungeon tour with my templar as healer and then Jariel spanked me so I found my way back. As I got company questing in the dominion with him we cleared it quite fast. (pic opens in new tab, Stonefall with new costume):
Screenshot_20160207_221259 (2)
What Jariel, a typical male, said about my new outfit *rolls eyes*:
While questing around I suddenly saw it all clear and realised this templar is probably the character who has come closest to what I want to play of all chars iv been running in all games iv tried so far. It feels like she has everything, she is perfect! I dunno why I couldnt see that before. Maybee i had to take a step back to realise it.

Bwahahah u say, ofc she is not on any leaderboards or has a cookie cutter build or anyting, but for me she is perfect. Im not a min/maxer. I have built her as a traditional templar, with sword and shield. The other bar has a resurrection staf. Most ppl dont use that build i guess but I dont care, Im stubborn and I do as I please.

She has no problem to survive multiple mobs/trash. Bosses can kill her if she makes mistakes or get stuck or something. But she has very high survivability and is easy to quest with, i can heal in dungeons with her, the damage is maybee not so great (as she has a shield) but she kills them, finally. I normally do pve as I dont have that many champion points so I always group in pvp. (pic; Stormhaven)
And now I can appreciate how extremely nice she is. She is definitely my main character. She fits my playstyle. She is perfect for a casual like me.

My nightblade Polly Ester comes second atm, but she will play an important role when Thieves guild and The Dark Brotherhood launches this year. I feel i have a lot to look forward to <3

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7 Responses to She is All That

  1. P. Mersault says:

    Templars are great. ESO is the one game where i’m having trouble rolling a second class because they don’t seem to be as versatile. I know, every one of them can just pick up a restoration staff, but i wouldn’t want all my characters to have the staff as secondary. I’d want something that at least offers some self-healing and a bit of group support- might be the Dragonknight fits this description. Other than that, maybe a Nightblade played as Blood Mage, but i don’t know for sure and that’s why i always choose Templars.

    I think i’d put them in second place of all the classes i’ve played- topped only by the early Druid in early WoW, when they could be DPS and support the group by being a secondary tank or throw out a heal if necessary. The Templars are actually the only class that can still do that…come to think of it, maybe i’ll need to create a 1H+S / RestoStaff Templar to get closer to that experience.

  2. coppertopper says:

    Templars are great. Still my main, but run him as healer/dps (restore staff/2H), and made a dragon knight for tank/arrow slinger and level them up separately depending on what role I feel like playing. But I forgot about that spell reflect ability…

  3. sbunny914 says:

    It’s always nice to find a perfect fit. She looks good and I’m so happy your having a good time playing her 😁

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