Heading towards Stonefalls

Eventually Jariel and I finished Cadwells Silver aka Aldmeri Dominion. It was nice to get rid of it as Iv already done the zone when I leveled my sorc in AD (though on a lower level. this time we did it as veterans. So the 2 of us finished the public dungeon The Vile Manse without casualties then the last quest and went straight to the Harborage to see Cadwell.  And I dinged VR5! (jariel VR6 ;( he is always a bit faster ;)

As we have played together for quite a long time now we are stream lined and can move fast together through dungeons even though we seldom use TS or Skype. We were eager to get to Stonefalls in Ebonheart Pact so we speeded up. I love that zone… its so beautyful and asian…. I guess I will take loads of pics from now on ^^
This first pic in Stonefall is not much tho… we were a bit tired and it was late and dark. But tis a day tomorrow too :)


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