Fifty Shades of Yellow

Waitsen is the guilds high elf templar, healer and womanizer. So he doesn´t even hesitate when he run into the opposite alliance ladies.

Especially the long eared high elfs from the dominion seem to be his favourites.
As this one in Cyrodiil yesterday. He went all in, and seemed to do fine until…
.. he dropped his infamous pick up line:

“Say, that’s a nice armor. Can I talk you out of it?” and she became all red:

Waitsen, i dunno if any woman will fall for that? >.<

Some ppl say love always starts with hate so even if Romeo got some spank he didnt seem upset. I guess its not the first time ;) He just resurrected and seemed quite pleased with himself. He didnt seem to realise it might be a problem for the guild to have a healer dying while trying to pick up the enemy instead of rescuing his mates >.>

Pics by Waitsen @–>–>–
Swedish Legion

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