A Remarkable Healer

This saturday I got a slight fever and a headache so I really needed a healer. I didnt find any healer in real life but in ESO.  My Nightblade (pic) is only lvl 20 and the day started with one of my guildies – Tullinge – helped me get my skills right.
As soon as iv changed them another guildie, Prostinnan, volunteered to be my healer in a couple of dungeons like Spindleclutch and Fungal Grotto. I was greatful but a bit devastated as I wasnt used to my new skillbar and we were only 2 persons (its 4 – man dungeons). 1 healer and 1 noob dps :S

But I hadnt counted on Prostinnan, who is a healer from another planet. This time he leveled a nightblade healer >.> (he has both a templar and a Dragonknight healer already). I was lvl 20 and he was lvl 30 and I was sure we were going to die asap. And the dungeons swarmed with mobs! OMG! And some bosses had red rings that chased me! No matter how i dodge rolled the ring was embracing me. Eventually I asked; is it even possible to get out of these rings??? And it wasnt …. But ofc he carried me throught both dungeons, dont ask me how but he did o.O

Sorry no pics from dungeons and my healer cos It was a bit too hectic …. >.>


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