The Man without a Soul

He is witty: “Jakarn… Brash, cocksure, handsome, Breton… I’m not sure which trait I find most annoying about him. He reminds me of the flirtatious young barmaids back in the Imperial City; fun for a night, but by the Nine are they shallow!

Tamriel drifter header

He is exciting: “To this Daedric ‘prince’ I leave a message in this pile of bones he sends against us.  I will rip through every monstrosity he commands across Nirn and beyond, I will burn down every foothold and rampart his followers build, I will serve up his puppet Mannimarco’s entrails on a platter, and I will have back what was taken from me… I want my soul….” And it is with these words he breaks out of his prison in Coldharbour to start his adventure through Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online.

And that is what you have to do too, if you want to play the game, find your soul. And I promise, it feels epic the day you stand in front of Molag Bal, at about lvl 50, to claim it. But the adventure has only started:)

I read a few postings when I commute every day. I just wish i found it at the same time I started to level myself but its still fun. He or she writes extremely well and is often quite philosophical. And in a good way.

I recommend this blog as a brilliant piece of reading, wonderful role play and grand introduction to playing Elder Scrolls Online. I enjoy every minute of it and the screenshots are awesum too.

Credits: The Tamriel Drifter

Twitter: @TamrielDrifter


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