Polly, the little innocent piece of lamb, was leveling in ESO the other day when she got a im from her less innocent vampire friend:
Polly is so sweet and has a nice sun tan….. so he tried to convince her how cool it is to be vampire by assaulting a poor man who passed by..
omg this is horrible >.< and he got all messy himself….:
so you are…..
She didnt feel tempted after that demonstration. But she understod she have to be careful walking in the woods from now on, “little red riding hood”…

“The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So…good luck figuring that out.”
― Stephenie Meyer, Twilight


“Well all the magic based toons who spend 12 hours a day in Cyrodiil are all vampires. Statistically it must be worth it…”

But there is no magic about Polly. She dont have 12 hours a day to spend in Cyrodiil either. So she have to adjust with a poisoned hammer, a sword enchanted with fire and a bow loaded with silver bolts….  poor gal she will have a short but exciting life :´)

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