Armor in ESO

Jariel crafted me a super nice medium armor set today – Night´s Silence which gives no penalty in speed when stealthing! And a lot of extra stamina too :D As u see in the link above this set must be crafted in a special location. Some of the coolest armor has to be crafted in super special places to get the bonuses. And you can choose the style from what motifs you have collected.

Its super cool to be able to run like h-ll hounds are after me while in stealth:):) I am level 16 now and have gotten my other skillbar too so I crafted and equipped a bow for myself. Its nice to have a char that is so completely different from my healing Templar to switch between.

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4 Responses to Armor in ESO

  1. Sunny bunny says:

    I haven’t played in such a long time ,but I love reading what you write…..makes me feel almost like I’m there

  2. Rowan says:

    Looks cool. But when I go to expand the pic, it goes to a different screen shot entirely.

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