Supernatural Nightblade

After killing a boss (Angof the gravesinger) Miss Polly was resting by the camp fire, exhausted. I left her like this:
lion guard_20160111_213824
And when I came back, believe it or not, she was dead! Struck down by a “friendly” Lion Guard O.o I havent a clue what happened…. She is wild and crazy and seems very independent. She seem supernatural…..Is this a nightblade thing? >.>
After that she had 276 gold bounty on her too. She revived and was stopped by a guard instantly, tho she ran away from him and her bounty got even higher, about 370 g T_T

So what to do? The only thing she could think of was to join the army. They seem to take any trash they can get their hands on :D So off miss Polly went to Cyrodiil (pvp zone) at lvl 13.
Ok she had been there at lvl 11 and had a bit of training already (siege weapon training and such) so now she got a scouting mission and after that went to Imperial City to get some quests. She was lucky her campaign was almost entirely blue (as in Daggerfall covenant rules!:):) this day so she didnt die either, the little juicy piece of lamb meat x)

But when she gave up for the evening, the bounty was still high, almost 200 gold…. so she couldnt enter the city and had to sleep under a tree this cold and rainy night :`(


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