Blondie becomes Veteran Rank 1

So I was level 49+ in Cold Harbour and equipped with the healing staff i got from Hairy Houdini (i miss you a lot) I felt invincible:
Though he plays only GW2 now;( But I can always count on Jariel to lead my way when im lost:
As always :S
So we worked our way through my quests and some delves:
He is a bit dominant isnt he? >.>
But finally and maybee due to that:
Veteran rank 1! I have owned the game since april 2014, tho I had a long break :):)
But Im happy now. I just need to get my soul back from Molag Bal….tillbakakaka


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2 Responses to Blondie becomes Veteran Rank 1

  1. wolfyseyes says:

    Congrats! :D

    I really do need to knuckle down and get myself in to that game some more. I just haven’t found anyone to play alongside yet. Thinking I’ll just enjoy the journey as it comes, though. <3

    • Xannziee says:

      Its always about friends isnt it? But ESO is also one of those few mmo where u can enjoy playing solo as the content/story/questing is so awesome. U might find new friends on the way if u look for them, i did:) <3

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