Finding Balance

I Think i`m beginning to find some kind of balance between ArcheAge and Elder Scrolls. I feel a bit more in control at least :S

In Elder Scrolls my goal is to reach level 50 with my templar and recently I discovered that I had forgotten (yes!) to do almost all the main quests…. >.< So now I dont allow myself to do anything fun (as pvp in Imperial city with my Guild Swedish Legion) until i have finished all my main quests… huh and its lonely as they are solo instances :´( I did forgot it because iv already done them with my Sorcerer so i felt as if i had done them already… sort of… Anyho I just have to continute grind them. I truly love ESO but have been leveling quite slow as iv had a lot of other stuff to tend to (as ArcheAge). But im in no hurry and im not going anywhere. Ill stay in ESO thats for sure and im hoping for housing in the future *_*

Some more of my friends have joined ESO recently and that feels great too. And my (yes rl!) mom has reached Veteran Rank 15! o.O

In ArcheAge im doing content mostly with my friends. We vary our activities between grinding coinpurses, library, dungeons, Mistmerrow or what we feel up to at the moment. We have a similar pace and I Think we fit nicely together. Im never bored spending time with them, they are so funny and at the same time safe and trustworthy <3

We try to grind GHA for that mana scepter but as iv said before it NEVER drops! And most of all we waste a lot of money on RNG, failing to upgrade armor and weapons >:(
I need more honor so when I get the chance I try to participate in Cinderstone Rifts too (pic) but as I work office hours I miss most of them :/

Anyho we are having fun and thats what its all about. I think iv “won” the games already:):)


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2 Responses to Finding Balance

  1. wolfyseyes says:

    If you’re enjoying yourself, then you are indeed winning at MMO’s.

    Kinda surprised your mother is VR15. I don’t know whether to be impressed or jealous! :D

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