ArcheAge on Acid

This is how the graphic may behave when you log into ArcheAge these days. Not everytime tho and it helps to relogg. But often enough and everyone i know has had the same problem. So patch it up Trion!
Pic; First they had this strange multicolour dress on…. then…
blood red? Then…
Black is black, cool isnt it? (Is that a dwarf or what? ^^) Then…
Roses are red….. Then…
Im so blue :`(  …. then…
But I still have a nice cleavage ^^ Mind u Trion, dont mess with that!

About Xannziee

MMO addict
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4 Responses to ArcheAge on Acid

  1. Haha, I guess that means you’re a chameleon or something! =P
    Reminds me of the graphics glitches in 7 Days to Die which frequently colored me fitting to the background….it gets annoying after a while though. And if you enjoy cleavage, I don’t think you have anything to fear in Asian games. ;)

  2. Rowan says:

    It almost seems like it’s intentionally changing color.

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