Elder Scrolls Online for FREE this weekend!

You can try this beautyful and awesomesauze game Elder Scrolls online for free this weekend:

I did some questing today and the servers were packed with people! Sorry to say this made the servers a bit glitchy and it was a bit hard to log in… Patience…
Later on I went with the guild to Imperial City and it was a bit less crowded as no free players has access to that place yet. We had loads of fun as usual and earned some Tel Var stones:):)

In ArcheAge we still try to farm GHA for that mana scepter. But it wont drop!!! :S
And yesterday we had a lot of fun in Mistmerrow (pvp). ArcheAge is packed with christmas trees and stuff and I love it! :D Imma sucker for christmas events in game, pretty costumes and decorations. I will add some christmas pics any day :P
The problem after this last patch in ArcheAge is that the graphic is going bananas. I will show you pics if i find energy for it this weekend. I hope they will fix this in an update…

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6 Responses to Elder Scrolls Online for FREE this weekend!

  1. Compwhiz 3001 says:

    I thought about trying it this weekend but the 65gb download would take a day or longer for me.

    • Xannziee says:

      Awww im sorry! I have friends who have tried it and they are thrilled. They are especially impressed by the graphic and combat style. The only problem is that the servers are a bit strained due to this free weekend so it can be hard to log in now and then and some glitches may appear. but its a good way to try it out.
      I hope u get another chanse to try it, maybee if you have a friend who plays it? <3

  2. Aw man! I wish I’d seen the free ESO weekend sooner!! D: Ah well. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next one. ^_^ Glad that the population was up, but boo to lag! Lag always stinks.

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