A natural-born stalker

A natural-born stalker. I guess thats me… The other day when I visited Rift with one of my ArcheAge guildies I ran in to an old friend (Anivena/Adefagia) iv missed for a long time. She is fluent in Swedish but we have been using english all the time in Rift as that guild is international.

She had abandoned ArcheAge a while ago and we had lost contact. So as Im a herding dog kind of person I immediately started to persuade her to come back. At the same time I was equipping myself to survive Rift:

omg…. I think im heavily influented by ArcheAge…. lvl 3 in tutorial and already looking like this. Womens lib will haunt me down and kill me >.>

With a mix of threat, bribing (I joined my old Rift guild with my new lowbie lvl 3 Rift char if she promised to join our AA guild ^^ ), and buttering up I eventually got her to join ArcheAge and Kyprosa again. She created a mage and joined our guild! Im such a clingy herding dog. Im afraid some day my friends will get tired of me and block me.

The other day i asked a guildie in AA if he was going to play the next day, and I almost bit my tongue off but too late. Why can´t I behave? I need to shape up and be more sophisticated maybee…and not so much like this… :S
So today when I and my daughter (pic, she did everything..) built a christmas cookie house:
It came out quite nice:
I ran between helping out with the christmas cookie house while simultaneously cooking some virtual food for my newborn old friend in ArcheAge. So now she has to stay forever!? :D


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8 Responses to A natural-born stalker

  1. Compwhiz 3001 says:

    Great looking gingerbread-type house.

  2. wolfyseyes says:

    Being an MMO herding dog is a wonderful skill to have. Honestly, I kinda wish I had those herding dog instincts because then it’d be easier for me to have friends to play with.

    As it stands, though, I’m less “noble sheepdog” and more “farty fat bulldog sitting on the couch and snoring”. XD

  3. Rowan says:

    Fun! Now that’s two posts by blogger friends that tempt me to return to Rift.

  4. melbrankin says:

    Adorable Gingerbread house!

    You always make me want to play the games you are playing, although your outfit seems a little more suited to our summer xmas than you winter one :D

    happy gaming!

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