I have a bone to pick with ArcheAge

When I came back to ArcheAge after some months break (I was still subbed) I started a new char. Partly because my guild got a new member and I wanted to keep him company leveling now and then. But mostly because I was a bit burnt out on my main char, my healer Xanni. The last months before my break I had too much pressure on me and I was playing both in the wrong guild and in the wrong company. Iv never been a hardcore player and Ill never be. I dont have either the time or the personality to be that. As i was playing in a progressive guild and with a very progressive friend I was stressed out and didnt feel I could keep up.

So I sort of blamed it on myself and figured ArcheAge is wrong for me but in reality I was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just needed to find the right guild and friends of my own kind. So when I had emptied all my chests, sold it all and was ready to advertise my farms in Two Crowns and Gwenoid, one of my old friends dropped by and talked me into staying. I almost got goosebumps on my arms thinking he was right. Im not finished here. I was so close to selling my dream house o.O So I didnt advertise my Thatched farm that day.

But I still felt burnt out on my main so leveling a new char from the beginning was crucial for me. It was a way to see the game with fresh eyes again. And it worked. I started to feel more and more immersed and deeply attached to my guildies who mostly are “old” friends. We are having so much fun and I feel very well taken care of <3

Anywo, i realised there would come a day when I had to decide which of my chars to pursue, the oldie or the new one. For a long while I was sure to choose the new one, I bought her nice stuff and invested in her. But at lvl 53 (soon, only 10% to 54) I wasnt so sure anymore. In ArcheAge there is no point in having alts other than for farming purposes or for fun. As I can do anything with my char, play any role and just change armor I only lose out if I invest in another one. So after thinking hard about it and talking to one of my friends I finally decided, Xanni, my oldie <3

I will still run her as a healer of course. But to not be bored I have to play her a bit differently. So im enjoying myself again. And im very very happy I didnt leave ArcheAge. I still have a bone to pick with this game ;)

Pic; Xanni in her old santa hat. Yes this will be her second christmas in ArcheAge and of course she saved the hat and the snowman from last year <3

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