A mighty Nord joins The Daggerfall Covenant

The handsomesauze BaronVonBoom and his cute little monkey poo joined us in the Daggerfall Covenant this sunday. A mighty powerful Nord who will help us eradicate the gruesome Aldmeri Dominion and the slippery slimy Ebonheart Pact. We have as good as won already. Be prepared for some major refugees streams from these poor alliances :D

He promised to join the infamous Swedish Legions nekkid viking raids now and then in the future, he just have to level a tiny bit first:):) But after level 10 its possible to enjoy most of the game content!

His first day (ok he played in Beta so not exactly first day… ) was a bit confusing as I traveled to him without knowing he already had traveled to my zone :S As i was cooking soup in ArcheAge simultaneously I didnt  notice that, so when he said he was going to kill a small crab i didnt react. Then he was dead! Ack! He was level 7 and the crab lvl 40 :o) Not so good a start and with a healer afkish cooking soup >.< I hope he will forget this small mess of mine and I wish him a lucky leveling experience in Tamriel <3


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