Chasing Dark Anchors

I went to Cyrodiil this friday with my guild, Swedish Legion, to hunt down some Skyshards, doing dark anchors and maybee have some pvp. I ended up with 4 more skillpoints after 1.5 hours! Really nice:) Tho the map are huge so u have to have a fast horse. One of my guildies, Tullinge, seemed to have problems with his horse, it didnt look very well and was very slow :´)
So we had to push him through Cyrodiil:):)  So I guess he has to see the veterinary any day:):) (He is standing behind me in the pic above, look at the poor horse!) :S
This is the mount he has, i think he got scammed by the horse dealer ^^

The group for friday night (not nekkid this time!;)
Screenshot_20151120_202727 (2)
We killed some Aldmeri peeps but mostly ran around collecting shards and closing Anchors. I love this zone! It haz snow 2 and its gorgeous!


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2 Responses to Chasing Dark Anchors

  1. Tullinge says:

    Hehe I made a bad deal with the horse dealer 😱

    • Xannziee says:

      Ay and it wasnt cheap either! :’) <3 ask me before u buy nxt 1 as Iv owned some horses irl as im kinda good at this 😆
      This should be the headline “A bad deal with the horse dealer” 😇

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