Nude pvp in Cyrodiil with Swedish Legion

U know my very serious hardcore (hm?) Guild in Elder Scrolls Online? Swedish Legion… they made a video a while ago in Cyrodiil, the pvp area in ESO. Naked, which means without armor and weapons. And they even managed to kill 3 persons only by hand and kicking them. At the end they met a hardcore pvp Guild but they also dressed off to make it even :D

After this they found this text in the new patch note for Orsinium: “Running around naked in Cyrodiil is no longer advisable.”
Where did that come from? >.>

Picture from:  (Swedish txt)
They have one more video on the homepage but the Music in that video is a bit…. well… I dont want to rate my blog adult ^^ so lets keep that video hidden for now.  Only way to see it is to join the Swedish Legion ;)

Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant, Europe

Credits to my Guild for video and picture: Swedish Legion

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