Breed your mount in ArcheAge

There are a huge amount of mounts in ArcheAge as in most mmo games. The problem is that we have to carry them all in our inventory and that makes it a bit hard to be a collector :S Im not a collector but if I could have mounts in a separate space outside my inventory I would have had more of them. I dont know if the problem is that we can spawn our mounts even if we dont intend to ride them? In ESO you cant spawn them unless you are going to ride. In ArcheAge you often have them spawned even if you are running around killing mobs and the horse follows you (they level when they are running around).
My favourite is my Palomino Yata. The Yata can climb mountains almost straight up, totally awesome! And the black and palomino one also have sprint which the striped and common Yata dont have. Sprint is a must if you want to use the mount to other stuff than just climbing so it might be worth it to invest in a Palomino or black one…
The common yata is very cheap but it starts from level 5 so its a bit to level before it can climb. The other types of yata is born lvl 30 and also has more mana which makes it easier to climb. The striped, palomino and black yatas are breeded. In the pic below you see one of my yata females giving birth <3 (baby was a striped Yata <3)
You need a male and female yata and they will then have yata babies which u can sell. The striped ones are not so rare but you dont get palomino and black that often so they sell for a good price at auction house.
My cute palomino yata as baby (not breeded it myself tho):
The horse is necessary too ofc as its possible to have a passenger on it.
Sometimes mounts gets killed in combat so its good to be able to use the same 1 and i try to always have a spare mount in inventor too.
red leo
If im in a hostile region I often use my Leomorph (pic is from christmas last year and the leomporph is the 1 u buy in the shop and its a bit faster than the common 1). I bought it in East but its also possible (but a lot more expensive!) to buy it from the shop. The Leomorph has some kiting abilities and also stealth which is valuable in pvp areas especially but iv also had use for it in the Library sneaking around mobs when i was lower lvl:)

My dream mount is the Dark Pegasus (it can fly of course!) which im saving for now. I hope Trion will make my wishes come true before christmas :`)
dark pegasus

List of mounts in ArcheAge:

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