Why Did You Stand in the Fire?

One of our latest guild members, Jornthemad, dinged 50 the other day and of course we celebrated that occasion in GHA! :D
GHA has become our favourite most hated and loved dungeon tradition in our smallish guild. Since way back we have gathered every friday with drinks and happy faces outside GHA for a nice run.
We have done it with armor, without armor, with 5 or 2 persons. But we have done it! Except last friday where AA was a fail and we couldnt log in. We just had to settle with TS and our drinks :`) Pooh was especially devastated as he logged in especially for this event:):)
A friend (Aphex) asked me the other day, how do u progress when the guild is so small? We are only about 20 atm and not all are very active. We will accompany the new 50ish through library and we will do Dahuta with them even it that will give me a stroke >.<. So we do progress. We are skilled at BBQ parties for instance:
And Im very good at shopping if I may say so myself, im sure my guildies agree >.>
So we progress socially and in the “having fun department”. As ArcheAge is a sandbox we can do what we want, cant we? So I like healing in GHA as I can chat with Aphex at the same time as I throw heals on my party now and then. And if they die, I only ask; why did u stand in the fire!? ;)
And Irl im just an ordinary plain Jane office slave with geek glasses so this is the playground I need. And i LOVE my guildies, they make me happy :`) So I can live without a divine healing club one or two days more. As a former guildie, Ralf, said; Its never ever the healers fault :D:D
400_2015-11-02 17.10.15

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14 Responses to Why Did You Stand in the Fire?

  1. Rowan says:

    Is that your character in the blue? Because, damn, that’s some epic underboob. :-P

  2. OMG, I lost it at the Star Wars picture. It’s so very true, though. NEVER the Healer’s fault. ;)

  3. I love your glasses! :D

  4. melbrankin says:

    DAwwww group hugs! *unrelated to post*

    You look rather dapper in those glasses – most of us are wage-slaves of some sort – gotta earn the $ to play the games (and buy food I guess if you must)

    Mulling over AA return or TESO – cant decide which yet

    Yes I am vague about mmorpgs these days, so casual…dirty casual I am :D

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