Swedish Legion had a guild event in Elder Scrolls Online – Imperial City this sunday. The guild runs pvp events every week. I decided to join as I need to stay in touch, have been playing mostly ArcheAge for a while. And my AA guild didnt seem to need me either this day :`(
So I didnt have to chose this time >.>
It was totally crazy. All alliances in a war simultaneously and in the middle of it all there was a gigantic spider boss running around with her trash, wiping us 24/7 D: (pics opens in new windows). We struggled for a while and then realised we had to kill the boss first, then the other players. As the boss interfered all the time with our plans:):) So we killed her and then Went for those yellow and red guys, mwahahah!
 There was of course a lot of the usual irritating vampire players running around in stealth throwing fear at you, some werewolfs and likewise (common builds in pvp). Now and then they just emerged in the middle of our Group, wrecking havoc >.<

So we healers had to work hard and I ran out of magicka now and then. Magicka management is essential in this game… But I had so much fun so I almost cried when I had to log off. I love this guild! It was constant action while I attended for 1.5 hours, not a moment of rest(!) but then I was drained and had to log off. Im sure the turmoil continued the rest of the evening :D:D
As Iv Always said, friends and the Guild are Everything. Im not the solo kind. I agree with Murf Versus the other day: “I imagine many of you have worse problems, but soloing through life just isn’t as much fun as grouping. The same can be said for almost every MMO.”
I agree very much as im such a clingy stalker myself:)

Swedish Legion;
Swedish Legion – Facebook (closed group)


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  1. Glad you had so much fun! :D Your screenshots and synopsis make me want to try ESO!

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