The Old Friend

I have this good old friend who I have been playing along with in 3 games now. We met in Rift (above) and had a lot of fun. Then when I moved to ArcheAge he came along with me.
We leveled together and helped each other fight off those reds while questing. Sorry to say we parted for a while as I joined a swedish guild where he wasnt welcome as he speaks only english :/

But after a while we picked up our contact again and moved to Elder Scrolls Online. Its a game he really really loves and I do too.
That´s why I miss him so much now that im torn between ArcheAge and ESO. As I have missed my friends in ArcheAge too….  Why can´t u all stay in one place?? You cant chose between friends and thats why im so lame going on and on about this subject all the time. This drives me crazy :S

He told me the other day:
Oii my poor hair! Still not level 50 in ESO, I guess I deserve it….   >.>

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