Wicked Wardrobe

So Halloween is upon us and both ArcheAge and ESO has of course loaded their shops with juicy items. I threw myself at it when AA shop was updated but i found it a bit “meh”
wicked wardrobe
I really tried to find something, but… oh noes!….korean fashion… So I went shopping for a party outfit irl instead. The result was quite a lot more boring than ArcheAge suggestion:
Tho i guess I will always be a bore compared to my char…  So I will have to spice up my own outfit with some blingy jewelleries and im ready to go.

(I didnt buy that “car accident cat” outfit:):)

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2 Responses to Wicked Wardrobe

  1. Rowan says:

    On the other hand, the traffic accident cat might have been interesting IRL. :-P

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