ArcheAge – Drama at Sea

When me and a guildie left some tradepacks on my farm in Two Crowns the other day I spotted a tradeship below my house (the small one). He was trying to save himself from pirates, hiding behind the rocks. But they forced him out slowly. His ship got heavily pushed and I saw flames coming out of it.

As they rezzed several huge war ships (4 in the pic above) to push him out to the war zone in Cinderstone, he didnt stand a chance…. Then they destroyed his ship completely and robbed him of all his goods..

These are faschinating game mechanics in ArcheAge actually and very realistic. You can also harpoon a ship and just pull it out of safe zone in some cases, tho its not as easy as you might think. Its necessary to both pull and push so I Think u need at least 2 ships to push it far enough. Running a tradeship is adventurous to say the least :S

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2 Responses to ArcheAge – Drama at Sea

  1. Oh lord, I’ve got to get back into this game, last time I tried I kept getting “the Gods have disconnected you” about 20 seconds in every time!

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