A Newborn In ArcheAge

When Xanni ran around her farm in Gwenoid this thursday evening she found a newborn archer. By the look of his name She guessed he was Swedish so she spoke to him. And he was! Tho he had never played any mmo before only Battlefield 4 and strategic war games so he was struggling. She decided to stalk him and help him out ^^
So Xanni called for her lowbie little sister to come and level with him to help him take off in game.
She already had her cuts and bruises so a good one to help newbies out in the harsh game of ArcheAge :P
It was really fun to start level again. The lowbie areas are so peaceful.. Thankfully little sister is a blighter as they are fast and easy to level with. ArcheAge is a game where u can change you calling anytime to anything so its no problem If she later on chose another path. Tho blighter suits my playstyle I think. Im really good at taking aggro from large groups of mobs, thats a skill that comes naturally for me :P
Tho I wasnt that skilled at teaching this little archer his first steps. 4 example I couldnt get him to change his clothes!! :S So he got more and more squishy on the way. At lvl 10 it was a struggle to keep him alive o.o So after some hours he got tired and had to log out. At that point he was a member of our guild and I hope I didnt scare him away for good…. >.>

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5 Responses to A Newborn In ArcheAge

  1. Very sweet of you to help him out! :)

  2. Remenei says:

    Xanni, do you have Skype?

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