Dead by CC

I am going to lay this matter at your feet. You are clearly to blame. It is your fault my friend, u got me back to ArcheAge and now im laying at your feet, dead :`)

PVP in ArcheAge is not really pvp, it´s more about crowd control and who cc who first. You can do endless CC on a person and if u strike first the other person will be cc until dead. Thats life.. or death rater in ArcheAge. :´)
There are several CC guides how to do as much CC as possible ^^, ex:
ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) doesnt have this kind of CC. You can break free a lot easier and you get immune for quite a while after being cc so cc is not used much in pvp. Im actually surprised that ArcheAge doesnt do anything about this? No one seems to like it (or very few at least).

“Currently the massive amount of instant cast CC effects have made all PVP fights nothing more than a race to stun lock rendering all other builds completely ineffective in PVP with exception to ganking low level players.

Of course there will always be some builds stronger than others but as it currently stands and the PVP kill stats prove that CC builds are excessively dominating the boards. Why? because it is it is rendering DPS, tank and ranged classes useless against excessive instant cast often stackable CC builds. This is not just a one vs 1 issue. CC build characters currently leave all other builds even with stun breaks completely non effective.”
Credit: Forum

CC is more like spraying pepperspray in someones Eyes ^^ So fight like a man next time! :D

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3 Responses to Dead by CC

  1. j3w3l says:

    I do like cc as a concept and it is certainly fun to work with as a mechanics and part of your rotation but yeh, archeage takes this way too far. It’s no fun to be stun locked until you’re dead and with no chance at retaliation. And I feel no joy in beating someone like that either;.Can’t think of an mmo offhand either that really did it right.

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